It’s been a long while since I last blogged. Various reasons have kept me from posting here, but the time is finally right…and I’m back.

Things may look a bit different here as I get my writing “legs” back. But that’s ok. There have been many changes in my life, and so it’s only natural for things to change here too. My goal will be to do what I love most about blogging; share my thoughts on things happening in the world of education, share resources I create in hopes they can help others, and document my journey on this road of teaching, leading and learning.

In an attempt to reignite the joy and excitement of blogging for myself and the teachers at my school, I created this April Blogging Board Game. Hopefully the prizes and friendly competition will be just what our teachers need to get through the next three weeks before we have a well-deserved break.

Click here for an editable version.