At this point, I’ve dipped my toes in the documenting waters with my students. I’m ready to jump in and launch individual blogfolios. I have to decide:

  • What will the URLs be?
  • What permissions, if any, do I need to get from parents?
  • How will I manage posts and comments?

I spoke with my Head of School to get the school’s perspective. I then spoke with the documenting guru, Silvia Tolisano. She shared her views, which helped guide me towards other educators’ thoughts and experiences.

Combining all this information together, along with my own opinions and knowledge of our parent body, I have written the parent letter below. I wanted to include information about what a blogfolio is, why documenting learning is important, and offer options that fit our school’s needs and meet the parents where they currently are. The hope is that most families will opt to allow their child to have a completely public blog. If parents opt for one of the other options, the hope is that they will eventually change their privacy settings once they, and their child, see the added value of a public-facing blog.


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1 Comment on Parents: All Aboard!

  1. @Melissa,
    What an example, not just as documentation of your own journey in implementing blogfolios, but also of the moral imperative of sharing back. (Social) Networking is not only about taking and receiving information and resources, but also about sharing and adding value back into the educational “social media platformsphere”.
    These new forms of amplified connections, resources, experts, information, etc. would not be possible if only a few people were to share their work. The mechanism of networking only works, when we step up and contribute to our learning network.
    Thank you for stepping up!

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