As I work on creating a Blogging Bingo Challenge for my students, I felt an inforgraphic explaining some of the tasks would be helpful for my students. I contacted Kelli Vogstad, whose blog post on Digital Portfolios has been a guiding light for me as I go through this journey. I first asked for permission to use her descriptions of the Four Kinds of Documentation. I also inquired if any graphic already existed. With her full approval, I set out to create my first infographic using Piktochart.

The learning curve was pretty minimal and I was extremely impressed with the vast supply of graphics, borders and backgrounds. It was fun and easy (and time consuming!)

This is the first draft I sent to Kelli, asking for her feedback, as these are really her thoughts, not mine. One thing to note is that I am using a free account on Piktochart. In my working copy, I linked Kelli’s name to her blog post (linked above as well) where she goes into more detail and supplies examples. With my free account I am only able to save as a PNG, and would need to upgrade to save as a PDF, which would allow for the link to be live.

I patiently await her feedback!

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  1. @Melissa
    May I cross post your post to the Documenting4Learning Blog? I will of course, link back to you and your original blog post!

    What a multilayered documentation of your own learning journey: links, learning network connections, timeline connections, concept connections….

    You are making the learning network machinery visible for others… you don’t only take, but you give back… you are adding value to the work of others…

    Keep going Melissa!

    • Hi Silvia,
      You may absolutely cross reference! This experience has excited me, and shown me the power of being a globally connected learner. I’m thrilled to have had this experience, because you can’t fake these feelings for students. They know how excited I am and are eager to experience for themselves too.

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